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Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.!!
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

Aristotle (Greek)
--Greatest Philosopher

M.Ed Department


About the Department

“Academics are the strongest exponents of the argument that research and teaching are central to their work and its value.”

The aim of the M Ed Department is to offer learning opportunities through various means and in an exceeding range of contexts. It has sustained a culture of innovation in its academic, research and extension activities and has been consistently harnessing innovations to strengthen its research initiatives. Outstanding faculty members involve in planning, preparing, transacting and evaluating curriculum in numerous modes suitable for learning. We engage our students in group discussions, debate, seminars, field based internship in schools and colleges of education, observations during practice teaching, psychology practicals, conduct yoga to the students of the co-operative schools, publish research papers in reputed journals, participating and presenting papers in various National and International conferences etc. Additional classes and mock tests are conducted with a view to help the students in NET, SET examinations and make them competent to pass other competitive examinations. E-resources like INFLIBNET-NLIST and Shodhganga not only cater to the educational demands of students but also improves the personality development, interview techniques, debating skills, and leadership qualities. Students are encouraged to take up online courses in MOOCS and are given additional inputs for better career planning and exposure.

The research strategy of the department aims to create and support a research culture among faculty and students for enriching and enhancing professional competency. Researchers are endorsed to adopt socially applicable modern studies. Research programmes cognizance on social issues, psychological issues, environmental protection and so on. Research Colloquium and Workshops were conducted regularly to enhance the progress of the research work. The teacher educators and students participate and present papers in seminars, workshops, conferences and faculty development programmes organized by other institutions. This permits them to know the present research scenario and find accustomed to their scientific peers to stay in tune with the research activities.

In addition to these, the department facilitates research activities and creates research culture within the Institution by motivating the staff to apply for sponsored minor research projects. The teacher educators of our department have received research grants to undertake minor projects from the management. Thus the M Ed department strives hard to meet the global needs of the society.


  • Produced cent percent results in the University examinations.
  • Participated and presented papers in various forums
  • Published papers in journals with UGC care and impact factor
  • Received best paper award in a National conference held at RPA College of Education, Mamootukadai
  • Undertaken minor research projects.


  • To sustain quality in teacher education
  • To inculcate commitment towards teaching
  • To imbibe research knowledge


  • Producing qualified and competent teacher educators with research attitude for Nation building.