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Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.!!
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

Aristotle (Greek)
--Greatest Philosopher

History Department


About the Department

"The More you know about the Past, The better prepared you are for the future."
-Theodore Roosevelt.

Human life is always purposeful. History is the transmission of our mental, moral, technical and artistic legacy as fully as possible, to as many as possible for the widening of man’s understanding, control, enhancement and amusement of life. Our department is a vital centre for resource in history. Our student teachers are given practice to use diverse types of aids such as pamphlets, Maps, charts, scrapbooks, reference books, text books, projectors, LCD, OHP and using real objects etc. in the teaching learning process. Our department delivers a lot of data through group discussion, team teaching, projects etc. We enthusiastically celebrate national festivals and important national days. Field trip is arranged to provide an opportunity to the student teachers for discrete observation. “The History club” purposes actively and publish our club magazines every year. We also organize addresses and conferences through our club.  History department also conduct quiz programmes, essay and oratory competitions and number of Co-curricular activities are organized in our department. In totally, our history department is an ideal department of Bethlahem College of Education.


  • Our History department students produced cent percent results in History for past fifteen years in the Academia Examinations.
  • In the academic year 2008- 2009 Merojilatha achieved college second place (practical-I class and Theory I class) and she achieved university first mark in history education.


  • To develop 3R’s rights, responsibilities and relationships.
  • To develop abilities like clarity of thought, knowledgeable, conscience, courage, love of truth, initiative, self-reliance, spontaneity, and tolerance etc. which go a long way in the improvement of a well-balanced personality that is intellectively mature, emotionally stable and society efficient
  • Get familiar with the various learning resources for their professional effectiveness.


To create responsible citizens to fulfil the void of able administrators with human kindness, responsibility and honesty, to create praiseworthy citizens to shape the future India and to create fair historians to historic truths to this society and to the nation at large. In addition, we mould these student teachers as value based historians and to make career opportunities both in public and private sectors.