Computer Science Department

"Access to Computers and the Internet has
become a basic need for education in our Society."
                           - Kent Konrad.

The Department of computer science education is working in progress to prepare students teachers, morally and politically for understanding and being critically aware of the social issues of technology and to involve students in learning how to employ technological devices.

Our department is committed in integrating technology into all aspects of the instructional program in order to provide the highest caliber education for each and every student teacher. In addition, we prepare our students teachers for successful careers in the teaching field through flexible programs of study that can be adapted to support individual career goals.

Our Academics Information
Teaching Staff
Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching, and, apart from parents, are the main source of knowledge and values for students.
S.No. Staff Name Designation
1. Mr.Mahesh.L Assistant Professor/HOD
2. Ms.B.Ligi Assistant Professor

The Vision statements of our department are:
♦  To build a strong research and teaching environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of new era.
♦  To adapt curriculum and pedagogy to complement the evolution of computer technology.

The Mission statements of our department are:
♠  Provide quality education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems thus amplifying their potential for lifelong high-quality careers and give them a competitive advantage in the ever-changing and challenging global work environment.
♠  Conduct research to advance the state of the art in computer science and integrate research results and innovations into other scientific disciplines.
♠  To provide computer education and training to students in other departments.

Some of the achievements achieved by our department are:
♣  Our department organized an Intra Collegiate Quiz Competition through Techno Club.
♣  For the past three academic years the first three places (in our college level) in the University examinations are banned by our department students.
♣  World Computer Literacy day is Observed on December 2 every year.