Bio Science Department

"The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow."
               - Edward Teller.

Education is like a tree,its leaves are students, roots are teachers and flowers and fruits are its success. For the proper growth and development of the plant all are essential .The biological Science department provides their feeling freely that promotes confidence among themselves. Our classroom promotes student teacher to realize that modern teaching is student centered. We utilize the maximum resources such as OHP, LCD and various teaching learning materials.

The real specimens outside the classroom are transferred inside the classroom in order to make the classroom alive. Various teaching techniques such as Group Discussion, Debate, and Team teaching are adopted to make the teaching learning effective. Our library is well equipped to cater the needs of the learners. We utilize our laboratory according to our time table to complete all the practical‘s of our subjects. We organize Science club for supplementing class room teaching and smooth functioning of all our co-curricular activities.

Our Academics Information
Teaching Staff
Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching, and, apart from parents, are the main source of knowledge and values for students.
S.No. Staff Name Designation
1 Mrs.Beena Florence Donark. R.J Assistant Professor/HOD
1 Mrs.V.Suji Assistant Professor

The Vision statements of Bio Science department are:
♦  To make the students aware of the aspects of science that are environment based and life centered.

The Mission statements of Bio Science Department are:
♠  To establish relationship between scientific knowledge with practical life.
♠ To inculcate the spirit of inquiry and to make the students to adopt appropriate teaching techniques.

Some of the achievements achieved by our department are:
♣  Students of Biological Science Departments achieved centum present results in biology for the past 7 years in the university examination.
♣  International Day for Biological Diversity is celebrated on May 22 every year.
♣  National Biology Week celebrated every year.