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Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.!!
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

Aristotle (Greek)
--Greatest Philosopher

Mathematics Department


About the Department

"Mathematics is the Queen of Science."
-Carl Friedrich Gauss Teller

Mathematics is a way of thinking, a way of organizing a logical proof. It gives an insight in to the power of human mind so this forms a very valuable discipline of teaching-learning programmes everywhere in the world.

The Mathematics Education Program provides a strong emphasis on mathematics content and the role of mathematical ways of thinking in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The Mathematics department strengthen the abilities of student teachers to teach mathematics in a variety of instructional settings. The department has a Ramanujan Math Lab through which various activities were conducted to develop the skills and ability of the student teachers to their highest potential. The Mathematics classroom is integrated with technology and variety of educational experiences are given through group discussion, buzz session, classroom seminars, peer tutoring and recreational Mathematics. The department has a well-equipped laboratory named as ’Ramanujan Math Lab‘. Hands on training and practical experiences are given to the students to understand the Mathematical concept. We have organized a workshop on the preparation of Instructional materials to develop qualities of independence, persistence, originality and curiosity. The department also has an active club through which field trips, seminars, guest lectures, club magazine and celebration of important days related to Mathematics are conducted.

The department secured the first place in the university examination at the college level and achieved cent percent result. Some of our students placed in schools and others are persuing higher education. The Department strives to attain its excellence in an academic and skill based abilities of the student teachers.


  • Our students produced cent percent results in the University Examination.
  • Celebrated National Mathematics Year on October 2012.
  • National Mathematics day was celebrated on December 22.
  • Our department students participated and won prizes in various cultural competitions held at Holy Trinity College of Education, Melpalai, St.Joseph College of Education, Appicode and Mar Chrysostom College of Education, Kirathoor.


  • To acquire the teaching skills required for teaching Mathematics joyfully.
  • To develop skills and logical thinking to be inspiring teacher of Mathematics.
  • To provide opportunities to work cooperatively and collaboratively through club activities.
  • To train the student teachers to teach Mathematics by incorporate technology.
  • To develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, content knowledge, and the ability to communicate ideas effectively.


  • To make the student teachers to be active critical thinkers and problem solvers who contributes teaching of Mathematics.